1.   Find the correct rate of that day.
  2.   Fully understand the bill.
  3.   Take a confirmed bill by paying the tax fixed by government, with the sign of Hallmark.

A mark stamped on articles of gold, silver or platinum by the British assay offices, certifying their standard purity.

 Purity of gold,  Hallmarking,  Test centre’s mark,  Jewellery seller’s mark.

Two types:- 1. Yellow gold    2.  Stones & gems

Karat is a measure of the purity of Gold.

Bureau Of Indian Standards.

   Price of gold jewellery depends upon two things:- 

  1. Parts of gold in the jewellery (i.e. 22k or 18k)   
  2. Type of metal used to mix with the Gold.

Yellow,  White,  Rose & Green 

The stones are placed in the Original garland are natural, which means that after thousands of years, they are made in earth on their own But Artificial beads or stone are made in labs.

The Difference between both of the garlands are price or rate.


A unit of weighing Gemstones. Generally used by Astrologers. It is in black or red color.  

          1 RATTI = 120 Milligrams

          Ratti was a seed which was 120 mg. when general stones or you can say gemstones were sold, weighed using Ratti seeds.


        1 gram ÷ 120 Ratti  =  8.33 Ratti

If the real amount of the zodiac is inserted at the right time in the right finger for the right time, then it has many benefits.

 The real certificate of anything that is taken from a valid lab is very important, because a valid lab only has good machines, from which the reality of general stone can be known.

Girdle,  Crown, Pavilion , Table , Cutlet.

  • Never be afraid.
  • If you do not know anything that a customer asks you, then tell the truth, or ask to a senior.
  •  It is mandatory to tell the customer what is true, because the customer is  very aware these days and speaking of wrong things, customer can loose faith in us.
  • If you feel something is going wrong, please confirm with the owner as soon as possible.

Show goods to an old person & ask if it can be made. The customer should be told a few days in advance which if it takes longer then the customer will not get angry & if found soon the customer will be happy.

There are all types of people in the market, some people increase the labour by reducing the rate and decreases the purity of Gold. Our rate opens with DELHI ASSOCIATION and its impossible for us to change it.

 Because we have complete faith in our gold purity, because it tests through multiple machines & then reaches the customer. People who give discounts in market, they increases  the labour by reducing the rate and decreases the purity of Gold & use iridium powder in gold and we have exclusive designs.

Mangalsutra has glass beads, so they cost less.

22K Gold is used in KDM. KDM is basically a Gold in which Cadmium(peetal) could be mixed in  a ratio of 92% & 8%, which ensured purity of 75-85%. While KDM Gold has been popular, it has been removed from circulation because it has been proven to be hazardous to health.

A Diamond Solitaire refers to any piece of jewellery with a single Diamond.

CVD  is known as chemical vapor deposition. It is a method used to produce high quality, high performance, solid materials. It is made in a diamond machine. Its form and color is exactly like diamond. Its price is 80% cheaper than Diamond. Many labs also do not recognize it. In the market, almost a lot of jewellery are selling CVD by telling Real Diamond.

There are few machines to test CVD diamonds which are very expensive.  Whenever we buy diamond, we make jewellery only by testing in that machine.

The larger the size of the diamond , the white its color is, the less the fiber, the more expensive it will be. A report named Repa Port comes out every month, which contains information about the price of diamonds.

Making charge/ Wastage / Labour  is the same thing, just the name is different. The cost involved in making  an ornament is charged to the customer in the form Making charge.

This is because it takes a lot of hard work to make many things and small things are made by hand , and there is also a loss of gold. The material which finishing  will be better, its labour will be a bit expensive.

The weight of Jarkan is very less, So that, its price is put in gold price. When someone bought a Jarkan item  from us and comes to return it, they will get the money by weighing it along with that  item. Bill is mandatory for that.

IRIDIUM is a powder that combines with Gold to form Gold. About 60% cheaper than gold. While melting gold, the powder can be easily mixed with it, which increases the weight.
After mixing them, it is difficult to trace IRIDIUM presence in the gold. Even the touch machine(meant to check the Gold purity) cannot detect the presence of IRIDIUM in gold after they have been mixed. It is mandatory to boil it (iridium) at 2466 degree to separate it from gold, which nobody does. Such Iridium filled gold is sold a lot in the market.
This our duty, if the customer talks about it, then the customer should be told about it.
It causes Cancer also.

The technique of joining or adding 5-7 diamonds together by pressure.

Diamond below 18 karat is used in diamond jewellery because 18 karat or 14 karat gold is strong and there is less chance of diamond coming out of it.

Meena is a type of glass which melts through heat. This in different colors. The weight of Meena glass is in milligrams

 Rhodium Polish is  a liquid which is weight less.

Kundan turns black due to moisturizing. Nowadays creams, powders & perfumes are used, So they turns black.

The purity of 916 is Hallmarked & the purity of KDM varies between 85-90%.

Karat jewellery are of four types :- Gold, Jadau, Kundan, Antique.

2 Rattis are of 240 milligrams.

The sales  Assistant helps the customer & monitors the customer, So that the customer does not steal anything. Sale Assistant also helps Sales Executive.

TA means different Tag on different items.
For example, TA means Labour on plain fine jewellery.
TA on Kundan Antique means Some rate + labour.
On Diamond , TA means Diamond rate + Labour.

Polkis are in different different colors. Basically in white, mehroon(burgundy) and in green color. Polki is made of uncut diamonds and it is more expensive.

Ginni is of 4 grams & 8 grams and it is in 22 karat.

There are five types of diamond’s clarity:-

  1. internally flawless (I.F.)
  2. Very very slightly included ( VVS 1 , VVS2)
  3. Very slightly included (VS1 , VS2)
  4. Slightly included (SI 1 , SI 2)

     5. Imperfect ( I1 , I2 , I3)

Round,  Emerald,  Heart,  Oval &  Princess.

 In color D-F & in clarity and in Clarity I-F.

 If ours Weight × Purity × 24K rate & if made of any other then its purity by melting.

This jewellery is made in Maharashtra. Its labour is 250/- per gram and 15% wastage charges and when we return, the value of gold from which 10% cuts.

Metal Minerals Trading Corporation.

  • First of all greet the Customer.
  • Ask them, what do they want to see.
  • Give them knowledge of the product.
  • Let them finalize. 
  • Make the bill & handover them.