Hallmarks of FCBL

100% Hallmarked

If it’s not hallmarked, it’s not from FCBL! Each and every piece we house is hallmarked, assuring top-notch quality.

100% Purity

We provide with every piece a 100% purity guarantee, & if ever proven wrong, are willing to give away that piece for free.

100% Transparency

The dealings and billings are done with absolute transparency, for our shoppers’ trust is our most cherished treasure.

Easy Return Policy

We offer a very convenient and easy return policy.

Exact Value of Gold

The entire value of all the stones is deducted to make sure that our shoppers get exactly as much gold as they are paying for.

100% Natural Diamonds

We sell only 100% natural diamonds, & each diamond piece comes with a certification so that only the purest sparkles reach our shoppers’ jewellery chest.

Insurance Available

We provide insurance against theft with all the jewels bought from us.

Complimentary Washing

Our shoppers always have the option open of bringing in their old jewels for a complimentary check up, for we offer completely free repair, steam and shin.

EMI/Installment Facility

By providing EMI/Installment payment facility all year round, we have increased the ease and decreased the pressure on our shoppers’ pockets of buying jewels.

Sourced from the Best

The FCBL jewels are sourced only from the most skilled artisans from all across India.

In-House Karatmeter

We have an in-house karatmeter to check/verify the gold’s purity.

Diamond-Checking Machine

A machine to verify the natural form of diamonds is also available at the store.